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With a combined professional experience of nearly eighty years dealing in operations and maintenance solutions for national and international power plants, we are equipped to deal with the same for you.


At Everon®, our labour is locally sourced. Thus we bring you skilled services and handpicked personnel to fit your needs just right. Bonus– you save on costs and time!


We are only as good as our services. Our teams on the ground are available to cater to your needs 24/7. They make excellent response time.


Our people are the best at what they do. If you value excellence and technological capability, drop us a message now. Let’s chat about your O & M needs.

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Everon at a Glance

It is not every day that you meet an Operations and Maintenance company based in Pakistan that promises to be cost-effective, applies local rates along with providing employment to labour that is locally produced, and ensures response-time effectiveness.


Meet Everon®. We are a company based in Pakistan, providing operations and maintenance of transmission lines and grid stations, process industries, power plants, and electric power utilities and distributors.


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Our Expertise

Grid Stations

An electrical grid station is essentially the interconnection among power system elements like the generating stations, transmission lines, transmission switching stations, distribution substations, distribution lines and distributed load connections.

Power Plants

We bring you enduring operations and maintenance services for conventional energy generators like thermal, coal, oil, and gas power plants as well as renewable power generation companies like solar, wind, hydro, small hydro, and bio gas generation plants.

Process Industries

Process industries are those concerned with the processing of bulk resources into other, ready products. Be they chemical industries, textile or of food, all of these require operations and maintenance services.

Transmisson Lines

Transmission lines transmitting the quanta of electrical power to the country do so via high voltage transmission lines of 132kV, 220kV and 500kV. We perform maintenance of transmission lines consisting of patrolling on the ground...